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MES thermsol® – Customized Infrared Drying Technology Achieves Best Results and Highest Efficiency

As an engineering and service provider, MES offers comprehensive customer- and branch-specific system competency with process expertise in the area of IR drying technology.

MES infrared drying system solutions in the form of line radiators, area radiators or customized infrared dryers offer advantages in three areas: they boost the production output, reduce energy costs, and achieve a premium surface finish.

natural drying
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Your Requirements
You are considering using thermal radiation to optimize your drying systems and the quality of your products. The application of infrared radiation can be of help to you in this regard.
Infrared Cartridges, Modular Infrared Drying System
Click here to enlargeMES thermsol® com IR - Infrared Cartridges, Modular Infrared Drying System
MES thermsol® Product and Service Range
MES thermsol® provides customized infrared solutions to your problems.

27/02/2013 - MES at the ICE Europe 2013 in Munich
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MES presents infrared drying technology at the ICE Europe 2013The Mehler Engineering + ...
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